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The Altona Hotel brings you its 1st annual hockey tournament. This tournament is going to be tons of fun and will be a weekend you won't forget. The goal is to create some fun hockey while meeting new people and partying it up! This tournament is open to anyone who likes to have fun both Male and Female. 

Here are the details

Date: March 9-11,2018

March 9th @ 930 PM there will be a draft where the teams will get picked. 

March 10th @ 10 AM the first game will take place

March 10th @ 7 PM There will be dinner, prizes and a live band at the hotel

Where: Altona, Manitoba. The hockey games will be played out of Rhineland Pioneer Centre. Off-Ice festivities will take place at the Altona Hotel.

How it is going to go: On March 9th the teams will get picked by the 4 team captains. The captains will be the 4 goalies. There will be 4 teams of 10 people each. The game order will be set by a beer pong match on the 9th.

Format: It will be a double elimination tourney. Every team is guaranteed 2 games. There will be 1 referee per game. There will be 2 periods of 20 minute run-time. 

Full Equipment? Yes.  Every player must have full equipment to play.

Contact? It will be non contact. Rubbing out of players and minor pushing and shoving is alright as long is it is in the spirit of friendly hockey!

Cost: $50 per player. It includes: Hockey, Dinner & After party on the 10th, A few free beers, Every team will get a 30 pk and a weekend of fun!

Accommodations: If accommodations are needed rooms will be $100 for both the Friday and Saturday Night. There will be 2 people per room only and you can split the cost. 

Payment: Once registered an Altona Hotel Employee will contact you to collect payment ahead of time. Payment can be made via Visa or Mastercard


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Tell us about your hockey abilities. This will help your Captain pick the team. What is the highest level of hockey you have played? Do you Suck ? Are you good? Why should they pick youu!


Tournament Schedule


March 9, 2018

Checkin to hotel


March 10,2018

Game 1 - 10 AM

Dinner 7PM